Zycada Has Built the World’s First Cloud Acceleration Technology to Optimize Top eCommerce Platforms Such as Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceCloud and Magento

Significantly accelerating eCommerce performance, Zycada’s new offering seamlessly integrates with online retail platforms powered by Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceCloud and Magento; Company also announces doubling customer growth

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – June 26, 2021– Zycada, the company that empowers the fastest online shopping experience in the world, today introduced a new offering for online retailers that are powered by Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceCloud and Magento. With this offering, organizations that use these platforms can seamlessly leverage Zycada’s CSA (Cloud Service Accelerator) to dramatically accelerate their eCommerce experience, improving page load and time to interactive (TTI) speeds between 10X and 20X, eclipsing even Amazon.

“More brands and retailers are using turnkey services like Shopify and Magento to easily roll out online stores and take advantage of the booming eCommerce market,” said Subbu Varadarajan, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Zycada. “The customers on these platforms can now leverage Zycada just as effortlessly. By using the world’s first purpose built acceleration technology for eCommerce platforms, these shops will immediately and significantly optimize their websites and apps, achieving faster eCommerce speeds than Amazon. As a result, they will see much better conversion rates, higher purchase value and, ultimately, more revenue.”

Zycada is now seamlessly integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceCloud and Magento. Retailers using these services can deploy Zycada within a day without making any code changes or requiring any technical expertise. Organizations, no matter their size, can easily employ Zycada’s CSA to boost their eCommerce speeds and enhance buyer’s engagement.

451 Research discussed accelerating dynamic content, which cannot simply be cached ahead of time like static content. “Content-delivery networks are adept at handling static content, such as corporate web pages or video-on-demand, said Craig Matsumoto, Senior Analyst Datacenter Networking for 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Even a live-streamed event is static to the CDN, in the sense that any given action happened seconds ago. Dynamic content, however, is a challenge. If that live stream lets the user choose from multiple camera angles, then it becomes less predictable which video frames to deliver next. In eCommerce, personalization can dictate web page layout, product selection and even pricing, meaning these elements can’t be cached ahead of time. If a website or an application draws from a database that is continually changing, then it isn’t ideal to use cached data that could be minutes or hours out of date.”¹

Zycada builds major market momentum

Since launching from stealth in June of this year, Zycada has strengthened its position in eCommerce and doubled its customer base. By using cutting edge, Zycada’s CSA employs bots to understand realuser’s interaction and uses that information to speed up the site. Zycada’s customers have improved conversation rate up to 30% and achieved revenue growth up to 25%. The company has seen rapid growth among both direct-to-consumer (D2C) startup brands and major retailers with billions of dollars in yearly revenue. These customers include Living Spaces, Harman, Brother, Medical Direct, Komuso Design and Jens Hansen, among others.

“Zycada transformed our eCommerce experience almost overnight,” said Tomislav Bulat, Director at Medical Direct. “With online shopping, speed is central to driving better business results. Customers expect to be able to quickly navigate eCommerce platforms, browse items, compare products and complete transactions. With a 60% improvement in page load time, Medical Direct now has the speed to compete with anyone in our industry.”

Enterprises from many retail sectors are increasingly choosing Zycada to deliver better eCommerce performance, including faster page load and TTI speeds as well as a quicker eCommerce funnel experience. In addition to improved performance, these customers also use Zycada to deliver a more personalized online shopping experience, featuring more rich, dynamic content, and also to support their growing mobile commerce platforms.

“If you can gain Amazon-type speeds without using any developer resources or major internal preparation, it’s an obvious choice,” said Mikhail Zhuro, CTO at Komuso Design. “Zycada lets you set up the technology up front at no cost. Trying the product is ultimately a no brainer.”

“It’s this pretty amazing tool that speeds up…it’s a bit voodoo and black magic…but you send all of your requests to Zycada servers and they help optimize [how dynamic content] gets sent out to your customers,” said Halfdan Jensen, GM & Creative Director at Jens Hansen.

Since its launch, the company also expanded its leadership team with the addition of Sumit Agarwal, co-Founder and COO of Shape Security, to its Board of Directors. Agarwal previously served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, led mobile product management at Google and co-founded Quova. Furthermore, Zycada grew its sales and go-to-market teams.

For a demo, more information and to begin a free trial of Zycada, please visit https://www.zycada.com/free-eval/.


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Zycada empowers the fastest online shopping experience with app-aware technology. Zycada Cloud Service Accelerator anticipates user interactions, working ahead of them as a personal concierge – dramatically enhancing the shopper’s experience and increasing online retail revenues. Zycada is backed by Khosla Ventures, Cervin Ventures and Nordic Eye Venture Capital. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California. To learn more, visit www.zycada.com and follow us on Twitter @Zycada.

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